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Filmförderung HH-SH

Schubert in Love

Lars Büchel

Lars Büchel works as an author, film producer and director.

He started his studies in Berlin, where he studied theatre and philosophy. Followed by the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where he was a student of Dominik Graf, among others. Since January 2010 he is a professor at the Academy of Media Arts for the field of feature film directing.

His first feature film "4 Geschichten über 5 tote" (1998) was nominated for the Max Ophüls Prize. This was followed by "Jetzt oder nie, Zeit ist Geld" (2000), which was a huge success with an audience of 1.2 million. It tells the story of three old ladies who become bank robbers in order to fulfil a lifelong dream. With this film, the leading actresses received the Ernst Lubitsch Award for the best German comedy. Lars Büchel's film also received the Film Prize of the City of Lünen.

With "Erbsen auf halb 6" (2004) about the journey of a blind man and his teacher for the blind to his mother in Russia was also highly praised, especially the performance of Fritzi Haberlandt attracted attention. highly praised. The film music thus won the German Film Prize 2004.

At the beginning of 2005 Büchel founded the production company Element E Filmproduktion GmbH in Hamburg, together with producer Bernd T. Hoefflin, which produces both feature films and commercials. In recent years, Element E has produced numerous commercials for Allianz, Mercedes Benz, Citroen, ZDF, Loewe, Sparkasse, Amorelie, PAYONE, Share Now and many others that are part of Element E Filmproduktion's portfolio. According to the ranking of "Horizont" and "W&V", Element E Filmproduktion has been among the top 10 most creative German film productions since its foundation.

The episodic film NICHTS-WEITER-ALS, produced by Element E, was screened in the series "Perspektive Deutsches Kino" at the 56th Berlinale. PAULAS GEHEIMNIS (written and directed by Gernot Krää in) won the main prize at the International Children's Film Festival "LUCAS" in Frankfurt on September 30, 2006.

In 2006 the feature film "BIS ZUM ELLENBOGEN" (written and directed by Justus von Dohnanyi) was produced. It was nominated for Best Feature Film at the North German Film Awards 2007 and Justus von Dohnányi was nominated for the German Film Awards in the category "Best Male Supporting Role".

In 2008 Lars Büchel directed the film "LIPPELS TRAUM" (based on a novel by Paul Maar) which was shot in Morocco, Munich and Passau. The film opened the Berlinale 2009 in the Generation section and was nominated for the German Film Award as Best Children's Film. Jana Marsik was also nominated for the Film Award for her camera work. The film also received two Bavarian Film Awards for Camera and Music. In the roles: Moritz Bleibtreu, Anke Engelke, Christiane Paul, Uwe Ochsenknecht and many more.

In 2010 Element E produced the feature film "DIE RÄUBERIN" (written and directed by Markus Busch), with Birge Schade and Daniel Michel. The film was shown at various national and international festivals. DIE RÄUBERIN was nominated three times for the Förderpreis dt. Film 2011, for "direction", "production" and "acting male".

In 2014 element e produced the highly acclaimed film "SIMON SAGT AUF WIEDERSEHEN ZU SEINER VORHAUT" (director: Vivian Andereggen). Following this, Büchel again directed the feature film "SCHUBERT IN LOVE" in 2015.

Since 2016 Büchel has been producing and directing "Olaf macht Mut" and "Gipfeltreffen" for MDR and ARD Television.






2016 Schubert in Love - Vater werden ist (nicht) schwer (feature film) produduction Element E

2008 Lippels Traum (feature film: start 2009 ), Collina Fimproduktion, co-production Element E, Universum Filmverleih

2005 nichts_weiter_als - Epilogue, short film based on a poem by Arne Rautenberg, Perspektive deutsches Kino, Berlinale 2006

2004 Erbsen auf halb 6 (feature film) Senator and Mr. Brown Entertainment, Distribution Senator

2000 Jetzt oder nie - Zeit ist Geld (feature film) Lichtblick Filmproduktion & Mr. Brown, Distribution Senator

1997 4 Geschichten über 5 Tote (cinema film) co-production with NDR, distribution Cilver Cine

1993 Fritz and Erna (documentary film) WDR





2016 Schubert in Love - Vater werden icht (nicht) schwer/Director Lars Büchel

2015 Simon sagt auf Wiedersehen zu seiner Vorhaut/ Director Viviane Andereggen

2010/11 Die Räuberin / Director Markus Busch

2008/09 Lippel's Traum - co-producer

2006/07 Bis zum Ellenbogen / Directed by Justus von Dohnanyi

2005/06 Paula's Geheimnis in Co-Production with Filmautoren AG / Director Gernot Krää

2005 nichts_weiter_als - short films based on a poem by Arne Rautenberg Directed by Friederike Jehn, Sebastian Stern, LeForel and Lars Büchel

2005 Foundation of Element E Filmproduktion GmbH, Hamburg together with Bernd T.Hoefflin





Kulturfoerderpreis of the State of Schleswig Holstein (1996)

MSH-screenplay award with Ruth Toma for "Erbsen auf halb 6" (1999)

Film award of the city of Lünen (audience award) for "Jetzt oder nie - Zeit ist Geld" (2000)

Audience Award at the 6th Festival of German Film in Paris for

"Jetzt oder nie - Zeit ist Geld" (2000)

Ernst - Lubitsch Prize of the Association of Berlin Film Journalists for

the best German film comedy 2000 for the three leading actresses

Gudrun Okras, Christel Peters and Elisabeth Scherer

German Film Prize, best film music for "Erbsen auf halb 6" (2004)

Hoerfilmpreis 2004 for "Erbsen auf halb 6" (2004)

Audience Award Philadelphia (2005) for "Erbsen auf halb 6"

LUCAS 2006 for "Paula's Geheimnis" (2006)

Nomination Best Children's Film German Film Award "Lippels Traum"

Nomination for Best Camera German Film Award "Lippels Traum"

Bavarian Film Award for Camera and Music "Lippels Traum"

2nd Prize Chicago Film Festival "Lippels Dream"

Best children's film Filmfest Lünen "Lippels Traum"

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